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Ole Gurl Creations Available Fragrances

Fragrances Vary upon Items

Apricot Freesia - A sweet Apricot blended with floral notes of Freesia, with a little hint of Background Greens. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla - Compared to Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla. We added a pinch more vanilla, and some lovely honeysuckle to finish it off. Contains top notes of Lemon, Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Strawberry, and Coconut. Middle notes of Peach, Violet, Honeysuckle. Base notes which are known to be the lasting part of the fragrance include Plum blossoms, Musk and extra Vanilla Bean! A timeless classic and smells amazing in Body Butter, soap, Deodorant and many other items! 

Butterfly Flower (Type) - Inspired by the popular fragrance by Bath & Body Works. We made this love scent our own, with top notes of Banana, Cyclamen, Tea and Tangerine; middle notes of Mimosa, Orchid, Syringa and Magnolia, with base notes that will last of a sweet Musk and Coconut. 

Cake & Strawberries - Smells so delicious you cannot be resisted. Consisting of Sweet Strawberries, Whipped Cream, Fresh Pound cake, or Short cake, and Vanilla. Smells lovely in a body butter, soap, or Body Scrub! 

Coconut Pineapple - Enjoy feeling and smelling like you've enjoyed a lovely day at the beach or on the water with this fragrance! With a sweet island coconut added to sweet and juicy Aloha Pineapple that adds a fresh smell of sliced ripe pineapple. 

Cashmere - A lovely favorite fragrance that smells beautiful in just about any product in our store.  With top notes of Blueberry, White Freesia, and Wild Grape. Middle notes of Pomegranate, Lily and Magnolia. Finishing off with Green Vines, Cashmere and Violet, to make it a long lasting and delectable scent! 

Fields of Lavender - We combined the best Lavender fragrances to create this scent! This fragrance includes Bergamot, Eucalyptus Leaves, Citrus, and French Lavender. Middle Notes include Lily of the Valley, and Clary Sage. Base notes of Nordic Pine, Cool Camphor and Clove Buds. Finished off with pure Lavender Essential Oil to give the calming and relaxing effect so known with this fragrance.

Gardenia - A sweet and soft floral blend of Gardenia and Jasmine with a strong Orange flavor base note. 

Greenhouse Delight - Enjoy this Earthy fragrance the resembles an old classic by Estee Lauder - Aliage. With top notes of Sweet Basil, Peppermint leaf, and Spicy Flower Buds. Then notes of Thyme, Palm Leaves, Woods and finishing with base notes of Amber, Marigold and Violet! Makes this fragrance a rarity and exciting to get your hands on this one!

Orange Tango - Replaces Sweet Rooster.  A sweet and spicy scent that combines sweet citrus with a kick of spicy chili.  Top and heart notes of Mandarin Oranges, and a surprise addition of Spicy Chili and Pepper. This fragrance is also infused with natural essential oils including Lemon.  Enjoy a spicy zest to your already awakening orange notes to give you a good wake up in the morning! Spa Salt Bars coming soon! 

Pear with Me - A sweet sparkling scent that combines the notes of Crisp Anjou Pear, Sweet notes of pure Honey containing notes of Jasmine, Rose, Peach Tea and Spun Sugar. A lovely and invigorating fragrance used for soaps, body butter and body sprays!

Philosophy Type - Amazing Grace - Capture yourself loving this fragrance that compares to the Philosophy brand, but just a bit stronger. This long lasting fragrance is known to stay on your clothing and linens for a days at time. With high concentrations of Bergamot, Soft muguet blossoms, and base notes of Musk. 

Philosophy Type - Falling in Love - Another lovely Fragrance that compares to the Philosophy type but made a bit stronger. With Notes of Sun-Ripened Blackberries, Sparkling Jasmine and smooth Vanilla. This romantic fragrance also is known to last days on your clothing and linens. Perfect for body butter and body sprays, as well as a lovely soap.

Deluxe Cookie Love - Ole Gurl Creations original, Created from a holiday fragrance to make it a full time option.  With notes of Sugar, Butter, Vanilla And Vanilla Pound Cake to finish it off. 

Peach Passion - Envelope yourself in this sweet fruity fragrance that will make you feel and smell fresh and sweet. Combines the fruitiness of the Peach, Nectar, Lemon and Orange. With middle and heart notes of Prosecco, Apricot, Mango and Musk. Combined also with the stronger fragrance of Peach Essential Oil. Love to use for soap, body butter and body spray! Also lovely to scent your linens with this!

Wicked Kiss - Whenever this fragrance is tested, the same response is always "Wow!". Because it is such an irrisistable blend that keeps them coming back for more. A sultry blend of Juicy Black Raspberry, Rose, and Warm Vanilla makes this undeniably a sexy scent! Perfect to wear for a first date!

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